“Character is a word that seems to define almost all human activity and then some…” ~Richard Reeves

Character Education Bands, Character Ed  Bandz When we teach children to stand up against bullying, we seek to teach them to have good self-esteem. The character trait of humility may seem to be a direct contradiction to high self-esteem but, as we explore the 10 character traits in our Character Ed Bandz, we realize that only with strong self-esteem can you be truly humble. That’s why the next character trait in our Character Ed Bandz that we’ll explore is Humility.

When you are strong in your sense of self, you don’t need to tell others that you are good. You can show it through your actions, but you don’t need to boast or brag.

Bullies never exhibit humility. That would entail putting themselves in a position lower than someone else. For the bully, it’s all about the power. Someone with humility would never bully others. Bullying stops with character education.

Why Is Humility Important in Character Education?
Humility reminds us of our place in this giant universe. As an individual, we each play a role and are very important. But in the grand scheme of the universe, we are all insignificant pieces in a giant puzzle. Together, we are amazing. That’s humility. We can look at how humility works with other positive character traits to create strong individuals who won’t bully others.

Humility and Compassion
When we teach children to be humble, we are teaching them a form of compassion. If boasting would make others feel bad about their own lack of skills, we don’t do it. If you are good at something, whether it’s math, computer programming, art, music or a sport, it’s okay to take pride in that accomplishment and use that pride to develop your self-esteem. But if you are really good at something, you don’t have to tell people. They will know it and, most importantly, you will know it.

Humility and Perseverance
Humility can also encourage students to work to be even better at their talents and abilities. If someone realizes that that they’re good, but there’s always someone better, that’s humility. Students will persevere, striving to achieve even more.

Humility and Gratitude
Practicing humility also gives us gratitude. Students should be taught to be grateful for their talents, so they continue to hone them and improve themselves.

Humility and We Animate Character Education
Each of the characters in our Emotional ID puzzles and our We Animate Character comic books has a special ability that helps them get along in the world – something they do better than any of their peers. But they don’t boast about these abilities. They just use them to help stop bullying in their school and community. Humility is a trait we, and our students, should strive for every day.

Character education stops bullying. To learn more about our products designed to make character education easy, please visit the We Animate Character store.